Feb 142011

To my dearest Hubbs,

Thank you so much for choosing me for your wife. It is an honor and privelege to be your Mrs. 

Thank you so much for loving me in spite of myself. I know I’m not perfect, and can be hard to live with on occasion (hey, there are times I don’t like living within myself), but you love me anyway.

You encourage me to be more than I’ve ever been and to try things I never had the courage to attempt before. Thank you. Your support means more than you’ll ever know.

Thank you for going to work every day for me and the girls. For having me stay home to raise them.

Thank you for being a man of your word, for being honorable and respectable, not just to me, but to so many others.

Thank you for making me smile and laugh more since I’ve known you than I probably have before we ever met. Thank you for helping me find my fun side, a side I never knew existed like this before.

I love you and respect you to the very depths of my being. I thank God every day for bringing us together, in His perfect timing. I look forward to the rest of our lives together.


  One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!”

  1. Thank you babe for being my rock when I need anchored, my calm when I’m in the middle of the storm, my mind in the midst of the insanity, and a better help mate than I knew existed. I know our life together hasn’t always been easy but together we are more than the sum of our individual parts and with God we are even more. It is His love that I hope to exemplify and show you because my love is imperfect but His will never fail you. I love you babe so much. Happy Valentines Day.

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