Jan 272011

On what we want to do next year for homeschooling for the Beans.  Yes, I realize she turns three next month, but she’s showing signs of starting to be ready for a few things, and she is picking up a lot while sitting in on the Bug’s phonics lessons.  I mean A LOT!!!

This year has been fun with the Bugs as pretty much the primary student.  Beans has listened in and has picked up quite a bit, more than I thought she would, so next year she is getting some school of her own.  She doesn’t know it yet though 🙂  It has taken me quite a long while to decide what it is we are wanting to do, and I’ve been wavering on several things the last few months.  Things that I like, but question if it is truly the best choice for next year. So, since I’m still debating and comparing a few things, I’m just going to list what I’ve chosen for the Beans. Hopefully I will have solidified my history and Bible choices for the Bugs by next week.

For the Beans, I have chosen [I decided the easiest way to show what I’ve chosen is to hyperlink to a product description.  For ease of linking, I just used Timberdoodle‘s website.  They are a great resource and you can get 5% back on your order, so if they are bit higher priced, take into consideration their shipping is super cheap (4.95 for any sized order) and you’ll earn 5% back to spend on future purchases which would help even that out a bit.] I am not an affiliate so clicking or buying through these links won’t get me any income.

Mathematical Reasoning PK

Building Thinking Skills Beginning Both children will benefit from this (and it looks like fun!)

Language Lessons for Little Ones 1


I Can Trace Big Skills for Little Hands We used this book with the Bugs and we all loved it.

I also wanted Mind Blowing Science, and my wonderful MIL already bought it for us.  Doesn’t it look like a blast?

I want to get the Owl Puzzle and the Bug Puzzle, but we won’t be getting these unless we have the extra money.  Don’t they look like a hoot?  Ok, so I just realized the pun there in regards to a hoot and the owl puzzle.  Not intentional, but I’m not changing it.  I guess I’m just a punny person.

Beans can tag along with the Bugs for our history choices and phonics lessons and Bible curriculum.  She seems to be absorbing a lot from just hanging out with us while we do school, and they are close enough in age that we can incorporate quite a bit of things.  I’m just planning on getting the above items just for her.  She’s been jealous of school time with the Bugs recently to the point where it has been nearly impossible some days to conduct school with her trying to crawl into my lap between me, the Bugs and the books (yes, I tried spending time with her before school, after school, diverting her with another project, all to no avail.  I think she felt left out and wanted included with her sister.  After doing a few things with her, I think her comprehension is close to where her sister’s is, so I figure why not do as much together as we can. Hopefully they’ll get along, they’ll both enjoy it and I won’t lose any more of my depleted sanity level).

I am comparison shopping so if I can find any of these items at an incredible deal, you had better believe that’s where I will be getting them (if it is cheaper with shipping and the five percent back).  We will also be reading lots and lots and lots.  No, I don’t have a book list at the moment, but that is something I plan on working on probably after Easter and my crazy insane need to reorganize my house is over (and simplification of said house).

If you are looking for ideas, hope this helps you a bit..

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