Dec 102010

Recently, I had the privilege of reviewing Apologia’s Good Morning, God. A small devotional book for young children.  I was so excited to find out that I would be a part of this review because I had been drooling over the Apologia catalog for the last several weeks (their science curricula are of a great quality, so I knew this would be a great book).  To say that I wasn’t disappointed is an understatement.

Good Morning, God is written by Davis Carman, illustrated by Alice Ratterree and published by Apologia Press. The story starts on a Sunday with the family attending church together and worshiping as a family.  It then goes through each day of the week and ends on the following Sunday with the family in church worshiping and then the child getting tucked in that night after bedtime prayers. This book was written to follow the command of Deuteronomy 6:6-7 about constantly teaching our children the ways of the Lord.  Each day focuses on way we can worship our Heavenly Father with our whole selves.  This book is beautifully written in a simple way so that even the youngest of children can understand. The pictures are very well done.  They show the family interacting in positive ways, even when the little boy gets into a bit of trouble.  The family also looks like they enjoy being together as a family.  There are no snide looks or scowls, which I appreciated.  At the end of the book there are activities coordinating for each day of the week.

For instance, on Monday, the little boy wakes up with lots of energy, worships God with all his heart, his parents teach him while he is running, he draws a picture in the schoolroom (did I mention this is a homeschooling family?) and then before bed, he prays thanking God for his family.  Then, when you go to the end of the book, the activities to correlate to the day include drawing a picture of a heart, reading Matthew 6:19-21 and asking how we can love God with all our hearts, and how can you be a good brother or sister.  There are eight activities/questions for each day, some easier than others.  This book was designed to be read eight days in a row, all the way through, starting on a Sunday and continuing to the next Sunday and then dong the questions and activities for each day on that day.

The day we got the book, the girls could hardly wait for me to read it first so I could read it to them (yes, we preview the children’s reading material. I had no fears with this book containing objectionable content, I was being selfish I supposed.  I wanted to read it myself first to enjoy it for me.) After I got through the first reading, they were immediately begging and pleading with me to read it again. So we did.  This time, they stopped me at each page so they could look at the pictures longer and ask questions about them. After we finally complete our second trip through, they pounced on me begging for a third reading of it.  They literally did pounce on me. So, we read it a third time.  After we were done, the Beans (who likes books, but hasn’t loved them to the extent of her older sister and her parents yet) wouldn’t let go of it. She sat in the middle of my and my husband’s bed and just kept paging through the book and she just was totally engrossed in it. I have lost count how many times we have read this book for fun, let alone for using it as a part of our school day.

We did use this as suggested and we picked from the activities that were more suited to the girls’ ages and abilities.  Since using this book, Bugs has insisted on learning about love everyday and has been drawing pictures to illustrate what love is. We have also been more intentional with praying with the girls, especially at bedtime.  If you wanted to stretch out the eight days, you could do each day for a week and do one activity a day for the week and supplement with other materials you may have on hand or could easily get.  There is also a coloring book that you can order to go with this book, which I hope to do after my husband starts his new job and we have a bit more wiggle room in our budget for these things.

This book is something I highly recommend for everyone as an aid to following the commands we as parents are given in Deuteronomy 6:6-7. The story is sweet, the family is a happy, homeschooling family who is serious about their faith.  This family seems to really enjoy being together as a family and the children aren’t disrespectful. This book is written for ages one through eight specifically, but honestly, I think anyone would benefit from reading this book. To read what others had to say about this book, go hereGood Morning, God is a mere $14.00 plus of course shipping.

I received a copy of Good Morning, God from Apologia Press as a part of The Old Schoolhouse’s Crew. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone, and no other compensation was received..

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