Nov 192010

No, I’m not biased now, am I?

The girls are in their room playing right now as I’m sitting here working on Lappy on the couch.  Bugs just told Beans, “Did you know that God made you?”  I’m beyond overjoyed to hear the Bugs teaching her little sister the way of faith as she knows it.  Beans did answer yes.  I guess they are listening when they are being taught!

Speaking of teaching, Bugs read the word “Spot” and the word “pop” with very little help in sounding them out this past week.  We’ve been using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons but gave that up a month or so ago.  Bugs was horribly bored with it, and they have lines, dots, and then the symbols for the sounds each letter makes over the vowels, and when we would go and sound out the same word in a “real book” that was in the text, Bugs couldn’t do it.  Even after she had just done it in her text book.  It took me a week to realize that the reason she was having that kind of trouble was because in the “real books” the words didn’t have the symbols and stuff surrounding them. So, we’ve been just sounding out various words while we read and she seems to be progressing much faster and it seems a lot more natural.  I do have another phonics program picked out that we may be getting, I’m not sure yet (our finances don’t have any wiggle room for extras at the moment). We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll get it for her for Christmas.  Ha ha, somehow I don’t think she would like that very much.

Beans is coming along in her speech.  She is a lot clearer than she was, which is a relief. When she is tired or in a hurry you have the most trouble understanding her now.  She can say her sister’s name very clearly and yells for her to come here, I want to show you something, and loves to tell strangers at the store that she is two.  However, she is very advanced physically.  This child is a natural at judo. She’s been tagging along in the school lessons for the Bugs, so I know she is picking stuff up, but how much, I’m not totally sure.  Now to just get completely potty trained and I will consider her graduated from toddler-hood into preschool-hood.

The girls are great friends and typically play very well together.  They make up stories and act them out, they look out for each other and of course, they do have moments when I think they would like to strangle each other.  Bugs figured out how to tattle tale and Beans is already learning to do the same.  I’ve tried every tactic I can think of when the Bugs comes and tattles on her sister, from totally ignoring it, to just saying thank you and repeatedly explaining to her that the only time I want her to come and tell me what her sister is doing is when she is going to get hurt or is hurting someone else.  (yes, I’ve explained time and again what tattling is to her, but her response is always, “I was just telling you.”)  If you have any suggestions on how to deal with this, I would appreciate it. Or stories of how you survived this stage….

Homeschooling has taken more of the unschooling approach this fall.  We do the Developing the Early Learner workbooks when we feel like it, and then it is at least twenty pages straight (yes, Bugs gets on a kick and then we have to do it for at least an hour or so)  We got half-way through book two in two days. They are a great book series on helping develop visual perception, listening skills and early writing skills, I highly recommend them.  I have seen them at many great retailers online, so do some searching to find the best price.  We’ve been reading a lot, which is always a good thing, isn’t it?  We make a trip to the library at least once a week and we fill a huge bag full of books.  In fact, I was using a medium sized bag, but after the fourth week in a row trying to juggle it, the girls and the minimum of five books that didn’t fit in it, I upgraded to a larger bag.  We still have the overflow problems….I think I see the bag and in my mind it is like, oh, we have so much more room and then I over compensate. My husband just rolls his eyes at us with how it seems every time we end up with more books than I can comfortably carry in the bag.  Oh well, at least I have a terrific chiropractor!

I have a ton of writing to get done and scheduled, so this post must come to an end.  I’m trying to schedule posts to make it easier on myself.  It is either that or do housework this afternoon.  I think I would much rather write 🙂.

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