Gratitude Post for 11/11/10

Nov 112010

Yes, I am delinquent in posting my gratitude.  It has been one of those weeks where my husband has been out working with the computer my phone tethers to and by the time he got home, there were errands to be run, kids to wrangle into bed and then I got sick.  Yippee for the intestinal flu (not).

So, today is going to be a list (I do have some posts written from my phone that aren’t linked if you are really in the mood to scroll through some previous posts)

I’m grateful for the Sunday School and Wednesday night Bible class teachers my children have.  They are all very caring and are excellent with my kidlets.  The girls are always asking if it is Sunday or Wednesday yet and are always very excited to see their teachers and hate to leave class.

I am grateful for the way our elder elections are being run here.  It is open and transparent and they even held a forum with all the candidates so you could hear their positions on items to make an informed decision on who should become an elder and who shouldn’t.

I’m grateful that today, two friends had babies.  My husband’s best friend and his wife just had number four, on Veteran’s Day, which is way cool because he proudly serves in the Marine Corps (and yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday!) and a friend from church had his grandson today.  Well, he didn’t have the baby, his daughter did 😉

Speaking of Veteran’s Day, I’m grateful for the men and women who served this country for our benefit, even though many lost all.  Especially my dad, both grandfathers, my uncle, my husband’s uncles and several friends and everyone else.  They are loved by someone.  So thank you for answering the call to fight and defend our freedoms.  Your sacrifices bless us immeasurably.

I’m grateful that I’m feeling better.  The ickies started last night during church with a headache and upon waking up this morning, I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  After pretty much dozing in the recliner all day between trips to the bathroom, I’m finally feeling much better.  The girls occupied themselves very well today and did great taking turns when I let them choose a DVD to watch (yes, I let the DVDs run all day I was that incapacitated, thankfully that is a rare occurence).  The girls would come in and check up on me every twenty minutes or so, no matter where I was in the house, and Beans would make sure I was tucked in.  She would draw the blanket up to my armpits and smooth it out and give me a kiss on the forehead.  It was so sweet.

So there is a nice long, drawn out list for you..

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