Oct 272010

Recently, I got to review the movie The Least Among You.  Knowing the reputation that Christian based movies have (as either being really corney, lame and just badly produced and acted), I was kind of not looking forward to watching it.  I honestly chose it as it looked like an easy review to do….

Well, to say I was surprised is a huge understatement. This movie far exceeded my rather low expectations.  The acting in it was great.  The director did a wonderful job and there were only a few issues I noticed with bad scene splicing and camera angles/panning.  I prefer more in the way of a soundtrack, but that is a personal issue, which you can blame on my husband ;), however, from the time period this movie took place in, I understand that mainstream music choices were not in the best interest of the film considering what one had to choose from.

This movie was set in 1965 right after the Watts riots.  Richard Kelly either gets to go to prison and delay his dream job working in the tech industry or serve a one year probation as a seminary student. With a 3.5 GPA….oh, and did I mention that he would be the only person on campus (except for the gardener/handyman) who wasn’t white?  Tough situation to find oneself in for sure. Can Richard disprove the opinion of his fellow students and professors about himself and other people of different races? Can he survive being hazed, his mom’s illness and still follow his dream?

This movie is about so many things besides the horrors of racism. It is about overcoming challenges no matter what they are.  It is about rising from a dismal past into a better future.  It is about fulfilling what you are called to do instead of seeking to serve yourself.  This movie has so many potential discussion starters in it, especially for the younger people of today who maybe haven’t lived through things such as Richard and his classmates have.  I look forward to using it in our homeschool journey, when the children are much older (probably around 13 or so depending on their maturity level) to spark discussion and research projects.

The Least Among These is rated PG-13 and is about 97 minutes long.  It was produced by Lionsgate (who has other movies available). The movie stars Cedric Sanders, Lauren Holly, William Devane and Louis Gossett, Jr.

I was given a copy of The Least Among These from Thomas Nelson as part of their BookSneeze blogging program for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone and no other compensation was received..

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