Oct 202010

So, I haven’t been on in a while. I hope you understand that I’ve been busy.

The end of Spetember, we went to visit my MIL in part to celebrate the Bug’s 4th birthday. Then, thje girls and I came home driving my MIL’s car and returned on Wednesday to help her throw a garage sale. My husband’s sister and her husband came down to help on Friday night. On Saturday, a local used book store was having a warehouse sale where you could fill a sack for five dollars. I scored about 200 dollars worth of books. My husband drove back over that night to come and get us. We came home and tried to return to normal life.

On Thursdsay morning October 7th, I finally get the phone call that my beloved Grandma had passed. The visitation was held on Friday and the funeral on Saturday morning. There was no way I could make it due to the timing. That and a Grandma-in-law doesn’t merit bereavement time off for Hub’s work. I hope to be able to go up with my mom when it is time to clean the house out.

Then during all that mess, our bath tub decided that it didn’t need to drain any more. We had to siphon it out the bathroom window through the garden hose everytime we took a shower. It was nasty. Then, one of my husband’s coworkers found out about it and her dad came over and got it working right again. Instead of having two 45 degree curves to go down and out, whomever installed the tub put in one 90 degree bend. It was jammed packed with hair and gunk. And due to the odd angle, you can’t snake it. A bunch of coaxing with a plunger did the trick after snaking was attempted. Our tub has never drained that well in the 2 1/2 years we’ve lived there.

Bugs is doing great in school work. She barreled through book one of Developing the Early Learner six weeks ahead of schedule. Due to the insanity of the last month, we have yet to start book two. I do know when it is started that it won’t take her long to blast through it also she loves those workbooks.

Bean’s is growing like a weed. Today she helped me make homemade graham crackers. It was my first try and they turned out incredible. I had to hide them the kids loved them so much. And I’m going to have to make more tomorrow. Or tonight. Though this time they will be chocolate. Must try all the variations you see 🙂  I used the recipe off Heavenly Homemaker (I’ll get the link in when I’m on the laptop, I’m writing this on my phone). I don’t plan on buying graham crackers again. The difference is amazing.  I also made popovers for lunch today. Served them with tomato soup. Those were great too. 

Back to the Beans…She has figured out how to get into my phone and go to the game apps. Guess it is time to password the thing again. She finally has decided that she likes to color. Though, the other day, we were doing school work and I handed her some pictures of cows to color (started her on Letter of the Week) and she gave one to her sister. I’m glad she’s sharing, however sharing school work? Have to admit that was pretty smart thinking on her part though. Beans and Bugs are about the same pants size and are one size apart in shirts. I can’t believe it. They aren’t quite 18 months apart. I really think Beans is going to be taller than the Bugs before they are too much older and will be assumed to be the older one. Bugs isn’t going to like it. Beans is also about 95% day time potty trained! I’m so happy about that. She’s done really well the last few days.

Well, that pretty much sums up our life. I have two reviews that need to be written and posted by the end of the week. Then I need to write some more. 


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  1. When you have time to catch your breath, please share a post about the books you picked up at the warehouse sale. So sorry about your grandmother’s death.

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