Jul 262010

I finally finished reading Beyond Opinion edited by Ravi Zacharias.  This book is a thinking book and one can not even remotely begin to comprehend it if one is half asleep, hungry or also trying to keep an eye on children.  This book took me two weeks to read, and normally I can read one of this size (338 pages) in a day or so.

This book is a compilation of essays written by the top Christian Apologists in their areas of expertise.  They showed how Christianity stacks up against other religions (Hindu, Buddist, Islam), world views (i.e. postmodern, atheisim) and the common arguements used to prove why the others are correct.

This book was well crafted and put together.  My only main complaint is I would forget who wrote a particular chapter while I was reading it, so I would have to flip back to the begining of the chapter to double check. I wish that the author of each chapter was listed at the top of the page with the title of it.  But that is fairly petty.

I do appreciate the fact that none of the authors toned down how they expressed themselves.  They didn’t “dumb down” the message if you will.  This book was made to make one think and to take seriously why they believe what they belive. And yet, this book also admits to the need to build relationships with those around us to most effectively bring others to Christ, and how you really can’t expect to convert someone with only a relationship or only arguing your world view with them.  It takes both in most instances.  You know the standard cliche, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  While yes, some people are called to argue apologetics professionally, most of us aren’t.  Just because it isn’t your profession doesn’t mean that you aren’t excuesed from the Great Commision.  This book will help equip you for that task and to better be able to reason with others with a different way of thinking of your own.  Every Christian should read this book.  It is a great introduction to the world of apologetics and there are ton of resources if you want to go farther in.

I was given a copy of Beyond Opinion from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my reading it and writing an honest review of the book.  No other compensation was received and all views are mine and mine alone..

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