Jul 142010



Here are the Bugs and the Beans enjoying the pool Grandma sent home with us.  After Hubbs got home from work today we decided to have a family night at home and we got the walls of it blown up and filled. The girls had the most fun they have had all day. They learned to blow bubbles into the water through straws to start them learning breath control for submerging their faces later.  We also had a blast splashing each other. Great cool ending to one extremely hot and sticky day. 

Thanks a ton Grandma!


  4 Responses to “Thanks Grandma”

  1. Stopping by to say “hi” on the blog walk.

  2. awwwwww Grandma’s ROCK! Stopping by to say hi from a fellow crewmate!

  3. What great pictures. You children are adorable. I’m just stopping by on my TOS Crew Blog walk and following your blog now.

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