May 052010

I Am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby

I didn’t know what I was totally expecting when I first started reading this book. I had never heard of the Hutterites, and I had thought myself fairly well-educated on the Anabaptists (Amish and Mennonites). I am glad I was able to learn something new about the Anabaptist’s different “denominations,” if you will.

Life on a Hutterite colony at first sounds very idealistic. Life is dictated by routine and everyone works for the common good. However, like in all other aspects of life with other humans, personal agendas and politics get in the way. This memoir is not just about how our personal history affects our entire lives, but it also addresses how sometimes we have to make bold moves for the best of our families and ourselves. This book showed that how through determination, perservance and a firm faith in God, we can survive anything.

This book is also about growing up. Of finding a faith that is your own, not riding the on the faith of your forebears. Of trying to be your own person, yet still being part of the group. I suggest that anyone who struggles with life, adapting to new circumstances read this book. You can succeed. Others have before you.

I was given a copy of I Am Hutterite by Thomas Nelson Publishing as a part of their Book Sneeze program in exchange for reading it and posting a copy of my review. I was not otherwise paid for my review, and all opinions are mine and mine alone..

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