Jan 232010

Last night, Beans decided it was a great night to learn how to climb out of her crib. And since she has the personality of if I do something once, I’m going to keep at it until I master it, we had to convert her crib to a toddler bed after Hubbs got off work. I don’t think any of us was ready for it. Beans doesn’t adjust to change too well without plenty of advance notice (didn’t think that was genetic, I’m the same way). It was a long night. Followed by being awakened at five thirty as my babysitting boys arrived. I totally forgot they were coming today. Whoops. So, I’m tired. I’m about to make a second pot of coffee. Something I never do. It was funny, after we ended up taking the light bulb out of their over head light to keep her from turning the light on, she cried and curled up on the train table and went to sleep with a dollie pillow. However, I didn’t wait long enough to move her and woke her back up. Took until twelve-thirty to get her to stay down.

Bugs is growing like a weed. I’m waiting on a book to get here to start teaching her to read. My MIL bought me Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons I can’t wait to try it. I have had several friends use this successfully on their kids, and before the age of what the public schools says they should be. Bugs is three and a half, and she is itching to “know the words on the page.” as she says it.

This morning, I got my kitchen somewhat decent. It isn’t what I classify as a health hazard anymore. I need to pick up and mop the floor, but not with the kids awake. And I am going to be too tired after they go down tonight. Maybe Monday. Too busy tomorrow, and it is Sunday after all. I also made a batch of laundry detergent. I’m fiddling with the recipe as I didn’t like how thickly it congealed last time. I have laundry in that needs swapped at the moment. I should go and do that. However, finding energy to move off the recliner is something I must do first. I keep telling myself I could make some coffee or a cup of chai, or some hot tea or something to give myself a little oomph. But the effort at the moment seems too great. However, I must stay awake. I have my boys until two thirty or so and I can’t leave them unsupervised (granted, at six and eight, they are more capable of taking care of themselves than my girls, they aren’t mine, so I can’t risk it).

Tomorrow is church, hopefully a trip to the library to pick up the movie I requested (Up, love it) and then making desert for small group tomorrow night. For Christmas, my mom got me cupcake pans in the shape of ice cream cones. I’m going to make cupcakes in them and then we are taking frosting and sprinkles and letting people do their own, sort of like a sundae bar for real ice cream. It should be fun.

I’m contemplating what I’m doing for Valentine’s day this year. It is a Sunday and we haven’t decided if we are holding small group that night or not. I do have a few steaks in the freezer that I got at the salvage grocery last week for super cheap. I think I may couple it with one of those microwavable bagged dinners like a shrimp alfredo and a salad and serve it by candle light after we get the kids down one night to celebrate. Maybe rent something out of the Redbox or find something from the library. We’ll see. Then, Bean’s birthday is three days later. She turns two! My little baby isn’t a baby any longer. We are thinking of doing a Veggie Tales themed thing. Complete with a Bob and Larry cake. And since she is turning two, she is getting her own light saber. Somehow, that has turned into a tradition in our family. I don’t know why. Then, I’ll be the only one without a light saber. Might have to ask for one for Mother’s Day. Got to admit, that would be better than getting a washing machine…(though, in defense, it was the one I chose and we got it with out tax return that year, still running great, haven’t had a single issue with it and I love it!).

Well, that is it for here today. I don’t have anything deep or thought provoking, I’m too tired..

  5 Responses to “My Baby is a Big Girl”

  1. "Up" made me cry! Especially at the beginning when you see them at the doctor's office. Brings back some sad, sad memories….

  2. I received the cupcake pan that looks like ice cream cones for a birthday present. I haven't tried it yet, but my daughter wants that for her birthday party. I may have to blog about it, when I finally give it a shot. Have a fantastic week!

  3. Mandy, seen Up several times already, and LOVE it. I get to keep it for a week from the library. All the other were one night rentals with promo codes from Redbox. Gotta love Redbox and promo codes!

    Stephenie, the cupcakes were sooooo cute! Just going to warn you, the pan isn't non-stick so do coat it, and they do take about five minutes longer to bake than regular cupcakes.

  4. I have just received UP from netflix but haven't had the chance to watch it. I thought no one but me would like it but maybe now I'll make my husband sit with me!

    Happy upcoming birthday to your big girl! Yay!

  5. Rachel, I have seen Up like seven times now and I still ball like a baby! I was asking Hubbs while watching it last night if I'll ever get through it without crying. He just laughed at me. I don't cry much (unless I'm pregnant) and this movie does it every single time. The two of us agree though, it is an adult movie disguised as a children's movie. I have no problem letting the kids see it, but it does address infertility, death and the fact that our lives are an adventure and when one is over, it is time to move on to the next one. Other lessons like persistence, dependability and caring for others are also present. It was a great movie.

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